The Vet Team

Our four experienced, equine-only veterinary surgeons work closely together as a team to ensure they provide each and every horse with the highest level of care, service and professionalism that Equivet clients have come to know and expect. They provide all of the out-of hours cover for the practice, so even in an emergency you're sure to see an experienced, friendly face.

Eamon Smyth BA, BVMS, MRCVS

Eamon Smyth.jpg

Eamon grew up around horses in Ireland and has always sought to make them part of his career.  He graduated as a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from the University of Glasgow in 2003.   Having worked in general practice in Ireland he moved to England in 2004 joining a large specialist equine hospital in the South East and gained considerable experience in lameness evaluation and performance horse injuries.  Eamon continued to specialise in equine practice in Kent before returning to work in the Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex area in 2007.

 Equivet Mobile Horse Veterinary Services was established in 2014 by Eamon Smyth with the simple aim of offering a personal, professional and fully mobile, diagnostic and therapeutic veterinary service, all at your premises.

 Eamon has an interests in all aspects of equine practice but has a specific interest in equine dental care, sports horse evaluation and management.  He has completed the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) Modern and Advanced Equine Dentistry Courses and is experienced in routine and advanced equine dental techniques and surgery. Eamon enjoys working closely with riders and other equine professionals as part of a team to improve performance, aid in the early detection of injuries, provide appropriate treatment and advise on complimentary rehabilitation programmes.  

Jack Ashby BVSc, Cert AVP (Equine Lameness) MRCVS


Jack graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2010 before starting work in a large mixed practice on the Staffordshire-Derbyshire border. There he further developed his interest in equine work and in the summer of 2013 Jack moved down to Hampshire to take a job at the Liphook Equine Hospital.

Jack joined Equivet as a full time member of the team in January 2015 and in 2019 after several years of studying attained his Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in equine lameness diagnostics and therapeutics.  Jack particularly enjoys equine lameness and poor performance investigation, wound management and parasitology.  Jack is also the practice's primary endoscopy vet, being involved in all gastroscopy, tracheoscopy and (occasionally) cystoscopy procedures. Jack is more than happy to discus the ins and outs  of these procedures with worried owners prior to them taking place as people can often have questions or concerns about  what actually happens.

When taking a break from the books he spends his time cycling, wood working and as quite a few people will be aware, baking.


Pippa Duncan BVetMed, MRCVS

Pippa Duncan.jpg

Pippa has been involved with horses all her life, learning to ride on home-bred ponies at an early age and progressing through the Essex Farmers' Pony Club to compete in all disciplines.

On graduating from the Royal Veterinary Collage, University of London, in 1984, Pippa worked in a mixed practice on the Essex coast for 3 years. She then spent 2.5years working abroad, doing mixed practice and equine locuming in Australia followed by equine and small animal practice in Cape Town, South Africa.

On returning to the UK in 1989, Pippa joined the Liphook Equine Hospital, completing 3 years of specialist equine practice under the tutelage of John Walmsley and the Liphook team. She also recommenced her eventing career on a home bred TB, competing in three day eventing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales up to 2* level. Pippa took a career break in 1992 to start and enjoy her young family. After her fourth daughter started school in 2002, Pippa joined Debbie Watson and the Rivendell Veterinary Group, working at the Greyfriars Equine Unit, before joining the Equivet Team in 2016.

Pippa enjoys all aspects of equine practice, is a DEFRA licensed Official Veterinarian for export certification and has recently become an Official Measurer for the Joint Measurement Board. She has a special interest in competition horses and geriatric equine medicine, helping to keep your equine friends fit and healthy for the duration for their lives.

In her spare time Pippa enjoys riding – educating her mother’s home bred youngsters, skiing, sailing and Scottish Munro climbing with her husband Stuart and Battersea rescue terriers, JJ and Pepper.


Brian Sherry MVB MRCVS

Brian Sherry.jpg

Brian joined Equivet as a full time member of the team in April 2017. Brian graduated from the University College Dublin in 2010 before starting work in the local area at a primarily Equine Sports Medicine practice under the tutelage of the international vet for the American three day event team.

Before qualification he was one of only 12 internationally selected scholarship students to do a month externship at the Dubai Equine Hospital and also completed an externship in Belgium at the KEROS Theriogenology Service Clinic. Brian completed an acupuncture course at the internationally renowned Chi Institute in 2014, passing his practical, theory and case reports. He is an FEI Permitted Treating Veterinarian and he is a licensed veterinary officer allowing him to complete export papers. Brian has a lot of experience in equine lameness and poor performance investigation but enjoys a varied work load in all areas of equine practice. When not working with horses Brian spends his spare time with two horses of his own, which he has high hopes for in show jumping and eventing.

Having worked in the area for many years Brian is familiar with the local geography and while he gets familiar with the new clients and their needs he discusses all on-going cases with the rest of the team daily, ensuring they are up to speed with all their patients’ and our clients’ needs.

Lucy Cheetham BVetMed, MRCVS


Lucy joined the Equivet team in May 2019 as our fourth full-time veterinary surgeon.

Lucy grew up around horses in the Hampshire area and would rarely be seen off a four-legged friend in her early years. After graduating from The Royal Veterinary College (London) she wasted no time in heading to Australia to spend time in a busy Equine Hospital outside of Melbourne. Here she saw a wide variety of cases with a heavy focus on reproduction, lameness and neonatal care.

Following on from Australia, her love for sports medicine and the British weather lured her back to the UK where she was based at a sports medicine practice in Lambourn (Berkshire), and spent the summer attending events including being stable vet at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials.  Lucy is an FEI permitted treating vet and a licensed veterinary officer, allowing her to complete equine export papers. 

Lucy enjoys all aspects of equine practice with a particular interest in poor performance work-ups and foal medicine.