Joint Measurement Board (JMB) Official Measurement Service

JMB Measurements.JPG

Equivet is pleased to be able to offer an official JMB measuring service at our registered measuring pad at Greyfriars' Farm, the only official JMB pad in Surrey.

Pippa Duncan is our JMB Official Measurer and is happy to explain what is involved during the measuring procedure and any rules and regulations. We usually perform official measurements on Mondays, when the clinic is quieter, allowing your horse or pony to settle more easily and attain a height measurement in a relaxed atmosphere.

Since January 2017, the JMB has completely converted to a digital format and no longer issues hard copies of height certificates (the JMB now considers any old paper certificates as obsolete). Instead all official measurements are submitted, recorded and listed on their new online database.

If you are thinking of competing in affiliated competitions this season for showing, show jumping or pony racing and need to get your horse or pony measured, please study the guidelines on the JMB website under the "measurement" tab. 

You have to apply and pay for any measurements online via the JMB website, you will then receive a transaction code. You will need this transaction code before you make an appointment with the Equivet office for a measurement. Horses and ponies have to have a registered name, passport, be microchipped and have any shoes removed prior to any measurement.

It is a good idea to practice measuring at home, so that any excitable ponies get used to being touched by the measuring stick on their withers and are trained to stand squarely and still until relaxed.

Your horse will need to be measured twice, by two different measurers (at different measuring pads) in different years, and be over 7 years old to attain a life height measurement.